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You may ask the lodging management in our guide, many are bird watcher's also, where the best places to find the birds you are looking for. Lots of them have bird feeders and gardens that attract birds right to their property.

Birding is the fastest-growing outdoor activity in America. In a recent study by the U.S. Department of the Interior, appreciation of birds ranks second behind gardening as America's favorite pastime. Birds add a fascinating dimension to our surroundings with their color, liveliness, and music. Because they are wild creatures, they bring an element of nature into our lives. Perhaps this is why every year millions of Americans discover the pleasures of attracting birds to their yards.

According to a survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 51.3 million Americans report that they watch birds. And more are taking it up all the time. The #1 sport in the world is bird watching.† More people participate in bird watching than baseball, football, basketball and hockey combined.† Why watch birds?† Itís a family activity that can bring your family closer together, itís energizing, it reduces stress and best of all, itís FUN!

Bird watchers observe wild birds in their natural habitat. Bird watching means learning to identify the birds and understand what they are doing. In North America, there are over 800 species of birds. Wherever you live, you'll probably find at least 100 species that are easy to find in your area. Life suddenly gets more interesting when you become aware of the varied bird life all around you.

Birding is something you can do in your own back yard (it's a natural habitat too). Your local park. Anywhere you travel. Or on trips you take specifically to see birds that live in a certain environment, such as on a native prairie in North Dakota, or in the old-growth forest of the Pacific Northwest.

We have designed this site with you in mind to make your bird watching experience more enjoyable.

If you are interested in traveling out of your backyard and into an area well known for birding, there are many types of accommodations that can complement your bird watching experience. Oftentimes a bed and breakfast or inn can be a good choice as such lodging tends to offer a casual, countryside atmosphere that will attract a number of species.†

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