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Bird Watching and How To Attract Birds To Your Home

By Michael Perry

What is the most valuable tool for bird watching? That's simple, a bird feeder. Just as the name implies, a bird feeder is a device that is placed outdoors for the purpose of dispensing food to birds. This type of product is usually installed for the purpose of bird watching, which is a very popular hobby. The ultimate success of a bird feeder is determined by it's placement, the types of seeds provided and the design of the feeder itself.

To begin with, a bird feeder must be large enough to accommodate the nearby species. Birds need to be able to get to the seeds easily if they are to continue to use the bird feeder. In addition, the feeder should be placed somewhere convenient and easily accessible for both the birds and for bird watching. Most bird feeders are located in a tree that birds are known to frequent. In some instances, individuals may also opt for hanging a bird feeder on their porch, which will allow for a real close up view for bird watching enthusiasts.

The type of bird that you wish to attract will ultimately determine the type of food that you supply in the bird feeder. For example, while most food is made in the form of seeds, hummingbirds prefer liquid nourishment. This is a very important distinction as bird feeders are created for bird watching and, without the proper food, there may not be any birds to watch.

Many people around the world enjoy bird watching and some even record their experiences on video. Some individuals use webcams, while others use a regular camcorder to capture their birds on film. Photographers often enjoy bird watching for fun and profit. As birds get close enough to enjoy the food in their feeder, photos can be snapped in hopes of capturing their beauty. With all of the bird food in your yard, don't be surprised if you happen to catch a squirrel in your photographs. These little critters love bird food and are often drawn to areas where it is readily available. The best way to remedy this problem is to put a separate squirrel feeder outside to deter squirrels from snatching all of the bird food as it falls to the ground.

A bird feeder is easy to find at any retail or online store, but the many choices available may make the decision a difficult one. Ultimately, the size of the feeder and it's design will be the most important consideration. The next thing to consider will be your bird watching budget because, as we all know, cost plays a large role in every purchasing decision that we make.

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